The following is a sample portfolio of my music.


(©2009 by Glenn Kahler) Le Petit Ballon is a secondary peak of the Vosges Mountains located in Alsace.  Its summit, which has no direct road access, provides a panoramic view of the surrounding area.  The music is inspired by the romantic countryside, and represents the adventures of a small balloon as it makes its way across the landscape of the Vosges.  It also serves as homage to the minor mountain summit of the same name and surrounding area.  The music is playful, lively with an old-world romantic flair, and as the opening movement of the symphony it establishes the head-motive, a melody derived from a twelve-tone row.  Accompanying film by the composer.

Recorded Live - UT Symphony Orchestra

Le Petit Ballon

(©2008 by Glenn Kahler) While every good musician strives to elicit an emotional response from their audience, it is often approached through symbolism and suggestion.  The opportunity to use genuine undiluted raw emotion seldom presents itself.  When it does, however, it can be quite an amazing experience.  Musical characteristics and methods such as frequency, duration, harmony, cadential gesture, voice leading, and counterpoint can apply as much to the human speaking voice as they do to traditionally accepted musical medium. As you watch and listen, you will hear two entirely different yet not unrelated conversations designed to demonstrate the emotionally driven musicality of human speech. Caution: This work contains strong material. Viewer Discretion is advised.


(©2010 by Glenn Kahler) This composition for orchestra has a tremendous amount of significance to the composer and his wife.  Specifically, it was created as the processional to their  wedding.  An autumn ceremony performed at Dorothy Lake in The Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba, Canada.  The music, characterized by delicate wind melodies, lush strings and heartwarming brass, embodies the passion and devotion of their union.  

Accompanying film by the composer.

Synthesized Orchestra

Dorothy Lake

(©2008 by Glenn Kahler)  Prism is a multimedia creation of sound and light that combines electronic composition with graphic animation through a programmatic experience reminiscent of Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an exhibition.” The work begins with the spectrum of an abstract prism in which the audience is drawn into three successive interpretations of the primary colors. These wavelengths form the foundation for the immeasurable beauty and wonder we visually perceive in the universe. In this vein, the underlying imagery in Prism represents the creation of life, conception and birth. The basic animations are attributed to a program called Electric Sheep, developed by Scott Draves.  The video editing, graphic effects, film and music score are original products by the composer.


(©2010 by Glenn Kahler) Routes des Crêtes or "Road of the Peaks" refers to the twisty and sometimes treacherous road that winds through the Vosges and connects Le Petit Ballon with Le Grand Ballon, the border of Germany, and ultimately leads to the coastal region Cassis.  The music of this movement evokes a compelling atmosphere of adventure, surprise, and a hint of danger. Accompanying film by the composer.  

Midi Recording

Routes des Cretes

ATI-Firth Sterling corporate video. (Music Only © 2008 by Glenn Kahler) The musical score composed to the corporate video for ATI Firth Sterling, a subsidiary of Allegheny Technologies(TM)  This corporate video/marketing campaign "We Make the Grade"  was produced by Conway Marketing and Communications in 2007 and nominated for the National Advertising Federation ADDY(Copyright) Awards in 2008.

ATI Firth Sterling

Borg Warner(TM) international trade show video. (Music Only ©2007 by Glenn Kahler) The musical score was composed to a trade show video for Borg Warner Inc., a United States-based worldwide leading automotive industry components and parts supplier.  This video, produced by Conway Marketing and Communications in 2007, appeared at the industry's international trade show in Las Vegas and was later nominated for the National Advertising Federation ADDY awards in 2008.

Borg Warner

(©2011 by Glenn Kahler) This innocent, and spirited piece is one part of Love Notes, a five-movement Suite composed for woodwind quintet. Each movement of the Suite is inspired by a common love letter phrase, and features a different instrument from the ensemble. Movement IV "You Make Me Happy," written as a simple ternary, features the agile yet graceful flute supported by a cheerful harmony, involved counterpoint and chromatically fluid passages.

Other Movements Include...

                                          I "Thinking of You".wav

                                          II "I Miss You".wav

                                          III "I Will Always Love You".wav

                                          IV "You Make Me Happy.wav

                                          V "Until We Meet Again".wav

Love Notes

(©2012 by Glenn Kahler) This fast-paced and comical piece for brass quintet was inspired by the nostalgia for many a childhood morning filled with Fruit-Loops and Looney-Tunes. The musical form of Saturday Morning Cartoons (a medley with a hybrid recapitulation) relies on the development of motivic content in an episodic setting. These motives are passed back and forth throughout the ensemble as the

music shifts between cartoon-inspired "episodes," ultimately resulting with the juxtaposition of all of the motifs during the recapitulation and final push to the end.

Recorded Live - UT Brass Quintet

Saturday Morning Cartoons

(©2010 by Glenn Kahler) This programatic piece for String Quartet was intended as a musical interpretation of the respective experience. Musical characteristics include "falling raindrops" from the violins, "melodic focus" in the viola, while the cello provides the stability and "walking-pace" for the ensemble. The use of compound-meter provides the opportunity for temporal changes, witch gives this piece, Arch form with sectional variation in the B theme, a natural ebb and flow.

Midi Recording

Walk in the Rain

(©2009 by Glenn Kahler) This electronic composition, named after the Martian moons, creates a mood that is both erie and intriguing. Each individual sound was created by the composer using a wide array of sound synthesis tools and effects processing. Through additive synthesis, modulation of amplitude and frequency, subtle variation in waveform and spatial location, the electronic composer has the opportunity to create a believable acoustic environment. Sit-back, relax, close your eyes and let your mind wander….

Electronic Sound Synthesis

Phobos and Deimos

(©2013 by Glenn Kahler) The Florival Valley (Valley of the Flowers) lies directly between the minor summit of Le Petit Ballon and Le Grand Ballon, the largest summit Vosges Mountains.  The music is free-spirited, lively and lush. Imagine soaring through endless fields of flowers, past quaint villages and ancient castles, the wind whipping hair, and the smell of a million blossoms surrounds you. All the while, both summits of Les Vosges loom in the distance as the sun bursts over the horizon.

Recorded Live - UT Symphony Orchestra

Midi Version: Danse Florival Midi Recording.mp3

Danse Florival

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