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A native of northwest Ohio, I spent much of my life involved in a variety of musical activities. Piano, percussion, and voice lessons at an early age later augmented by involvement in marching and symphonic bands, concert choirs, and musical theatre, reinforced my fascination with the wide-ranging capabilities of music.  As a result, I developed both a passion and profound respect for Music and the Arts.

In 2011, I graduated summa-cum laude with a Bachelors of Music in Music Theory and Composition from The University of Tennessee.  Following the Bachelors program, I was awarded a graduate teaching assistantship to pursue a Masters of Music in Composition under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Jacobs.  At present, I have completed all coursework associated with Masters of Music degree program and currently awaiting defense of my thesis, which will complete the degree.

Notable performances of my acoustic and electronic music include university and youth symphony orchestras, participation in annual composition recitals, and commercial works for industry-leading companies such as Borg Warner and ATI-Firth Sterling, garnering nominations for national advertising federation ADDY awards. 

I am a member of SEAMUS Society for Electro Acoustic Music in the United States, SCL Southeastern Composers League, ACDA American Choral Directors Association, CMS The College Music Society, SCI Society of Composers, Pi Kappa Pi National Honor Society and Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society. 


About Me

"I have always been fascinated by the versatility of music. It can be a friend at times, at others an enemy. It has the power to console, reinforce or alter emotion, and is a means of affecting the physical as an intangible vessel of self expression. To me, music is magic."

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